What is Website Development?

Your web site is the first impression you give to each of your first time visitors. As we have seen a shift from the desktop to mobile devices, web design has evolved into a multi-device application. Most specifically hand-held devices: phones and tablets.

You need to get your message to your visitors no matter how they arrive. So when designing your site we will create the usability specifically with your potential clients in mind and not your company. Your success will be on how your web site connects with your potential clients and their overall user experience.

You do not want your site to be too complex. Keep is simple and intuitive for you visitors. We have found that if you stick with a modular approach this will be easily done and will also help applying any additions or modifications you may want to make to your web site.

Website Projects:

Site Re-Development

If you have an older site chances are it was designed for a computer. We will take your existing site and update it to be responsive. Meaning it will be available to all of your potential clients on all types of devices.

Data Driven Sites

You can collect data from your users to help enhance thier expierience or you can have data to share with your visitors. Using a database can help reduce page development and modifications costs.

E-Commerce Sites

Sell your products and services on-line! Or, collect donations for your organization. There are many solutions we can offer you over a secure connection.

The Design Process

  • Concept & Planning:
    When we begin we will look to find your business challenges and the ways you would like to interact with your visitors. The site should be clean and effective. We will also keep a flexibility to the ideas collected and changes that may come about as we move forward. We will focus on how your visitors would like to interact with you through your site. This way we can give them the tools they need to do so. Page flow, navigation, fonts, colors, shapes, and subtle effects will start to be finalized at this point. Finally we will agree on a project plan, set milestones and decide on the projects top priorities.
  • Research & Discovery:
    Next we will start to look at what could make up your web site - your content. Do you have any branding already in place? We will collect and look at your logo, brochures, and any media you may have already created. We also will take a look at your competition and you're your position in the different markets.
  • Design & Development:
    Next we will develop a site layout that will reflect the focus of your business and ultimately what you would like your site to accomplish. You want to provide an exciting user experience while creating a strong branding message that your visitors will remember. Keep in mind all devices and what your approach to search engine optimization would be. We will also decide on any industry specific images to add to certain areas to enhance the appearance of your site.
  • Integrate & Test:
    Now we will move the site to a designated test area on the web to be able to see if everything if functioning correctly. We will go through and test all links and verify everything is visually correct. We will send all pages through an HTML and CSS test program to verify all code is W3C compliant. We will also decide on how your site will be maintained moving forward and if will need to receive any training.
  • Deploy & Evaluate:
    Finally after everything on our project plan has been checked off we can move the site to its web address. We can next start a promotion project plan targeting social media and the search engines. We will also set up Web Analytics to collect data on the performance of the site and to measure how your visitors are using your new web site. Your site is a living extention of your business so remember to always keep improving it!